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Gluten-Free Oats

Note: you can get __certified__ __gluten-free__ oats from http://www.glutenfreeoats.com (and Smart Nutrition). This is a new company and it’s nice to have this option.  (They are expensive, but heretofore the only reason the kids had to avoid oats is that because every oat grower had contaminated oats.  That’s my understanding – let me know if you hear different. You can read about it of course at the website.)

Bob’s Red Mill has now started offering Gluten-Free Oats (now that the concept is proven commercially viable!).

Warning: Someone who has not had oats for a long time should take small doses and increase amounts slowly.  Anyone at all not used to oats will feel very bad when first eating a large quantity! Makes you wonder if we should really be eating them!

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